What We Do

Massachusetts’ regional planning agencies (RPAs) are public organizations that serve the local governments and citizens within their planning districts by dealing with issues and needs that cross city, town, county, and even state boundaries through planning, policymaking, communication coordination, advocacy, education, analysis, and technical assistance.  The thirteen regional planning agencies that form MARPA are advisory bodies to member communities, private business groups, and state and federal governments.  The RPAs research, analyze and provide leadership on a wide range of their members’ responsibilities, including:

  • affordable housing production and retention;
  • climate change and natural hazards mitigation;
  • community and economic development;
  • environmental stewardship;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data mapping;
  • historic preservation;
  • infrastructure development and maintenance;
  • land use planning, zoning, and other controls;
  • municipal and regional services, i.e. health care, inspections, animal control;
  • public safety, including fire, police, emergency medical services;
  • solid waste management and recycling, and
  • transportation and transit.