MARPA serves as a resource for communities and regions in Massachusetts by:

  • hosting or co-sponsoring conferences and professional development workshops to educate state and local officials on the work and value of regional organizations
  • advocating for state funding for regional planning and technical assistance;
  • working on metropolitan and rural transportation planning, aging services, multi-hazards mitigation planning, Geographic Information Services (GIS), and workforce development;
  • providing federal, state or other funding and program support for solid waste management, housing and business development loan funds, and
  • monitoring or exploring opportunities in homeland security planning and preparedness.

MARPA’s menu of resources has evolved in response to a changing, more competitive political and fiscal climate.   MARPA member RPA executive directors and staffs are recognizing the changing environment at the national and state levels, and are taking the steps necessary to remain viable and effective resources for local businesses, communities and governments.

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