Sharing and/or Regionalizing Local Services

The Commonwealth’s municipalities have for many years sought to improve planning and delivery of essential public services.  In 2012, MARPA launched its Regional Best Practices Website, the Commonwealth’s first website dedicated to the sharing of municipal services – to highlight best practices, and to help the public identify their roles in bringing about improved service delivery.  The information contained in this site has now been integrated into this MARPA website.

MARPA has served as a co-host for a number of shared service/regionalization conferences.  The conference materials and presentations are a valuable information source that can be reviewed by clicking on the following links:

Massachusetts 5th Annual Regionalization and Shared Services Conference (2013)

MARPA members continue to make great strides in furthering their municipalities’ efforts to perform essential functions – from furnishing utilities, maintaining public health and safety, managing waste, or providing services to elders and to persons with disabilities.

Contact your Regional Planning Agency to find out more about regionalization and shared municipal services involving your community!